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Southeastern Connecticut, millennials seeking a rental lifestyle, the latest amenities

We are seeking to build long-term relationships with our investors.

Elm Tree Communities brings professionalism, transparency, and fiduciary responsibility to our investors. Elm Tree Communities builds a high-quality, experienced development team that understands the multi-family marketplace. 


Elm Tree Communities will offer accredited investors the ability to participate in our strategically located and geographically diversified multi-family portfolio. Our approach does not follow the herd to the traditional markets. We seek ground-up development opportunities in historically underserved multi family markets that are on the precipice of growth. Elm Tree Communities balances a rigorous due diligence process with the spirit of an entrepreneur to build our portfolio. Elm Tree Communities is targeting a portfolio of 50% ground-up Class A development and 50% value-add in Class B multi family assets.


We are experienced developers with a deep and talented group of architects, engineers, and contractors that can deliver ground up or value-added projects on time and within budget.

We are seeking to develop relationships with Limited Partners as portfolio continues to grow. Please contact if you wish to be contacted for future investment opportunities.


Elm Tree Communities Overview of Real Estate Strategies
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