Elm Tree Communities is a Limited Partner in the development of Cantabria, a 184-unit residential complex in Bradenton, FL

Located off I-75, Elm Tree Communities is poised to take advantage of a groundswell in demand for a larger Single-Family Rental "SFR" units by renters and, more importantly, institutional investors.

  • Located 45 miles south of Tampa, FL

  • 172 townhouses / 12 single-family homes

  • Transcendent Investment Management of Miami, FL is the developer 


Elm Tree Communities is the developer of 1564 Saybrook Road and 3 Brookes Court, a 56-unit residential complex in Haddam, CT


1564 Saybrook Road and 3 Brookes Court, Haddam is a new 56-unit residential complex situated in the scenic CT River Valley offering outdoor adventure, community-driven amenities and innovative technology in a convenient setting.